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Every product we create has an impact. No matter how sustainable you try to make it. Plastic pollution is one of today’s biggest environmental issues. Leftover plastic, caused by the overload of use of disposable plastic has made us not only depend on it but also drown in it. Within this collaboration we want to explore the possibilities for environmentally friendly grocery bags, hoping to reduce plastic pollution while trying to tackle 

overconsumption in the fashion industry.

To make the buyer aware of the environmental impact we need to be transparent with what we are actually buying. It is important to know where your purchase comes from and get the feeling of responsibility before buying. All branding labels are made from fabric.


We are going to replace the quantity of packaging by offering quality items that adapt to everyone's personal needs. If we continue the way we are consuming plastic packaging as short-term solutions, we will create an error in future consumption and the environment. Our future scenarios (drought, flood, and migration) show consequences of the system error of packaging overload. We need to shift the consumer's mind to reduce the need of packaging by showing a better alternative.

To address this issue, iNDiViDUALS disrupts the fashion industry by working beyond what is considered fashion.  In collaborating with Jumbo, one of the biggest leaders within the Dutch supermarket industry, we give an insight into the future possibilities of our behavior. Presenting three designs as the solution to these diabolical scenarios.

We believe a mind shift in consumer behaviour will reduce the need of packaging and the resulting waste.


Gen 26

Product branding (2019)

iNDiViDUALS (est. 2006) is a premium, Dutch fashion brand initiated by AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The reality-school brand is run by 3rd and 4th-year students and aims to become a blueprint for the future of sustainable fashion. Students from all three AMFI study directions experience and question every aspect of the fashion supply chain in a professional setting.  By offering a course designed around the combination of true-to-reality practice and experiment, iNDiViDUALS hopes to be the fertile ground necessary for growing change makers.

Job role as Product brander

Developing a branding strategy on product level; hang-tags, labels, trimmings, prints, linings, etc. Responsible for researching all the possibilities on how to brand a garment by proposing feasible solutions for brand and product.

Non-disposable hangtags

Keeping sustainability and zero waste in mind when designing is something that brands try to use in their products over the past years. Nowadays branding is used as a non-functional addition with aesthetic purposes and selling information, that will be cut off after the purchase. 

By treating branding like it is a full item on its own, rather than an addition to a garment, will give branding much more meaning. Why create something that people will cut off when you can inspire the consumer to not waste. Our vision doesn’t have to stop at the counter. Let the consumer continue our message after the purchase. By using old stock fabrics we create new hangtags that can be used as a keychain. The information tag could be used as a purifying bag, by cutting a slit in the fabric and simply put washing powder inside of it and a hole to attach it to a hanger in your closet.

This way of product branding will help the consumer in the right direction by showing them not to throw hangtags away, but to give them a third life.

Life 1. Fabric leftover pattern

Life 2. Hangtag

Life 3. Keychain or purifying bag.

Smart tagging

By scanning the QR-code on the information label, consumers can view all product information on the iNDiViDUALS product page. Next to a 360° product view you also get a view into our process and the decisions we made regarding all materials and trimmings

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