July 2017

A ‘Charge up’ campaign and magazine for Aljabr.

We believe that everybody has their own algorithm. A specific daily routine. We focused on the ‘overly structured creatives’. Creatives that just think of their work and want to think less about their fit. 

Through the collection we wanted to simplify their daily routine by creating garments that fit their structure. Detachable, rearangable pieces.

With our campaign, we show our target group that they are the modernday superheroes. They are the creatives that have a clear goal in life and work hard everyday to get there. Yet sometimes you have to take a break and ‘Charge Up’: Even superheroes need a break.


Campaign includes: weekly webisodes where ‘Overly structured creative’ influencers show how they ‘Charge up’ + a magazine with articles on how to relax more, in order to work harder.


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