Odör 'escape' capsules

Odör is a physical solution of that ‘protective bubble’ effect a scent can give. Containing nostalgic, sentimental fragrances to use when in need of a ‘mental escape’.

High-concentrated perfume capsules with six different experiences to choose from. The unique travel-sized capsules are developed in two sizes with a unique shape for every scent. Small to use directly onto the skin when needed or big to add to the sticks or ‘art’ installation for a scented escape in a more functional form.


The word ‘capsule’ links to the escape ‘bubble’ effect of scent and the satisfying feeling of popping bubble wrapping.


Acne Studios Odör products each have a different purpose. A scentless set of Eau de perfume, gel, and serum where the chosen capsule fragrance can be added to create a travel-size product, or an Odör 'Art' Installation rock functioning as a natural diffuser.


We live in a fast-living age where associated stress factors have a negative effect on our mental health. Performance pressure among the introverted millennials has increased stress, resulting in this mental complaint to pass onto their body, creating the urge for calmness to recharge.

The brand offers a portable escape to reduce stress and ‘mentally’ step out of the current environment. By focusing on sentimental and nostalgic scents that take the ‘Creative zen seekers’ back to a sanctuary place of serenity. Also known as a ‘protective bubble’. Giving them the energy to get back out in this overwhelming day and age.

Nostalgic & sentimental scents

Acne Studios developed six scents that the ‘Create zen seekers’ experiences as most calming and satisfying. Combining this feeling with the function of aromatherapy that fits the fragrance notes. Using these two elements to bring the sanctuary place of serenity to the 'Creative zen seekers.

Acne Studios

'A scented getaway'

Graduation project (2021)

Introducing an Odör line-extension where Acne Studios shows the 'Creative zen seekers' how to use scent as a moment to escape stress.

“A favorite place to relax never has anything to do with location, but where I can put my state of mind to rest”

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