I am a creative observer from 1995.  Someone who likes experimenting with concepts, trends, brand identities, graphic design and visual communication. A fashion management/designer and brander. Also known as Dojanicia Juan Pedro.


Since the fashion industry consists of many different sectors and you never stop learning, I decided to expand my knowledge of fashion by studying in another direction. I am currently studying Fashion & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). This is where I develop my skills in graphic design, creating concepts and branding.


I like projects that not only solve problems but also generate questions and tell a story. Research also plays a big part. Observing, questioning and constantly looking for the meaning behind something. It inspires me to explore and experiment instead of using tunnel vision to find that one solution. Flaws create new insights and that might lead to innovative (design) solutions.


Feel free to contact me for questions, requests or any collaborations on info@dojanicia.com.

52.3702° N 4.8952° E | Amsterdam

“ A silence WITHIN the storm,
providing a birds eye view. ”


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